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Ganymede Gate - week 11 - Custom skill trees and collectible skill cards
This week had a small amount to dedicate to the game, and all of it was geared towards getting the custom skill tree builder working correctly and random skills...
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Ganymede Gate - Building custom skill trees
Been busy with a lot of irl stuff this week and progress has been slow, but that didn't stop me on advancing the custom skill tree builder for Ganymede Gate. Sk...
Week 9 - New alpha download/UI Stuff/Better Audio/Sneak peek to what's to come
This week was a bit slow due to having to dedicate time to other stuff (mainly, paid stuff). It was possible to have some progress, though i know think i have t...
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Week 8 - New alpha download and game modes!
This week i came back to the office, so a little slower development. However, keeping up with my "non-zero days" mantra, i kept up adding features and squashing...
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Experimenting with new game modes
Recently i've been experimenting with different game modes for Ganymede Gate. Interestingly, the 3 parameters i'm able to change globally create two completely...
Week 5+ Download available
Quick update for the latest Alpha update! Just uploaded because i'll be away till this thursday and don't want to leave everyone without a taste of what's to co...
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Development Week 5
Pheew! Very productive week! What got added this week: Enemies now hear when you shoot. Silencers and mufflers will lower the distance the sound "area" covers...
Development Week 4
This week additions are: Better visibility algorithm for better occlusion of enemies (needs a few adjustments tho). Weapon mods, affecting each weapon's stats...

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