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Ganymede Gate

(Alpha release 7, everything can/will break)

Ganymede Gate is a Sci-fi Roguelike set on a human base in the jovian moon that has been invaded by a mysterious force. Your task is to get in and find what happened.

Currently the game has:

  • Kill a lot of enemies, everything that move is a target for you.
  • Play as several classes with different start attributes and weapons/items.
  • Get killed in 3 types of level generators: crumbling base, caves and lava lake.
  • Augment yourself with several powerups and weapons to explore.
  • Sh*t yourself when your flashlight battery runs off, survival depends a lot on correctly identifying enemies.

The NW package works on any platform, and also allows updating, just unpack and copy all the contents of the directory to the original and you're done.

How to play multiplayer

Multiplayer is currently supported as local server only. The player "server" must start a session and the other players must connect via HTTP with a modern browser to the 8080 port of the server.


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NW.js ZIP Package 10 MB
Win64 ZIP Package 52 MB
Win32 ZIP Package 45 MB


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Make more comfortable multiplayer and online multiplayer too, please

Yeah, i'm in the process of refactoring or maybe rewriting the code. Need to get the multiplayer mechanics in better shape as the code for this first version was a mess.